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When you are relocating with moving companies, especially to a smaller location, it is normal to get rid of some of your old belongings. Here are some ideas of what you can do with things you won’t use anymore

Relocating to a smaller location may require some adaption. When a person lives in a big house or apartment, they have more furniture than the minimalist houses constructed nowadays. When you have to move to a location where you won’t have the same space, there are things you’ll have to free yourself from. We gathered some ideas about what you can do with everything you won’t have space for anymore.


An international habit is, to promote a garage sale, one week before the date that you have your move scheduled. If you live in a country where this habit is not very common, you probably already seen one in a movie or a TV Show. People do it not only when they’re moving, but also to get some space back in the house, especially when they have kids, which increases the lack of space in a house. Actually, one of the reasons many people promote a garage sale is to get a clean room to make a nursery in the place.

It is also time to gather everything you are not using and donate it to someone else who would give a better destination for it. There are several donation centers working during the pandemics to direct any kind of things you don’t use anymore to someone who may need it. Get in contact to promote this initiative.


When selling things is not an option because you will probably need these stuff somewhere in the future, one thing many people do these days is to rent or buy storage facilities. Depending on how many objects are you going to store you can choose the perfect size to fit your necessities. Several moving companies are providing different types of storage units to satisfy their client’s needs.

Search online for the most competent moving companies, and to get qualifications that will make them the choosed one. The use of storage is increasing primordially in the biggest cities in the country. During pandemics, the number of people dying can sometimes get to the number of people being born, but normally and mostly in the central areas of the cities, the population keeps increasing, which is also a risk factor. Storage companies are working according to all these new measurements in order to keep them and their costumers safe. The number of infected people even in developed countries is increasing, so it is never safe enough outside. We have to value the work of the ones still providing necessary services.


It is always better, to get rid of some of the work by hiring a competent moving company. When you schedule your move in advance they have better payment plans. These professionals are capacitated to safely store, pack, and transport your belongings. So, when the date you choose is getting close, look online for the best-referred by the clients. In case of needing to use storage, research for the best options in your case. There are several kinds you can choose from.

By Luiz Araujo  

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