Care for the new home when moving

It is necessary to take some essential care with the house during the moving process. In addition to the special attention to the furniture that will be transported, the floor, doors, mirrors, and windows also deserve a special dedication. Keep an eye on the characteristics of your floor and use only suitable products for cleaning. If your floor is made of wood, avoid direct sunlight by providing a curtain or investing in a good covering. To clean, use only a damp cloth, not over wet.

Avoid using waxes. They can be difficult to remove and accumulate dirt due to their oiliness. If you have stains to remove, use a little alcohol. If you have any spilled sauce on the floor, it must be removed immediately since some residues are difficult to remove. If there are enamel stains, use acetone, but clean it immediately with water and neutral detergent. Dry very well. Pay attention to the doors and locks and see if they need repairs. Notice if there is a noise when opening or closing and if the key works perfectly. Test all sockets and lamps and clean mirrors where it is common to find fingerprints.

In the windows, use the vacuum cleaner with a smaller nozzle to vacuum the dirt that is between the gaps. A damp cloth is also used for general cleaning. In order to not get tired, you can have practical objects and cleaning utensils to help.

Hire a professional cleaning service if you deem it necessary. It can be of help if you have many rooms and little time to manage everything. Sometimes it is as essential as hiring a professional moving company so that you can focus on other details of your move and family.


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