Shipping storage units are gaining more and more attention nowadays because they can be used by many moving companies and for several necessities. So here are some pros about it.

It was in the late 1960s that some investors had the idea of using shipping containers, normally used by moving companies to send products overseas, as storage units. But, as time went by, people had a lot of other ideas to put them to use. It is an almost forty billion dollars industry that is rising such as cities are getting smaller for its populations. The concentration in urban areas became trouble for many companies that are trying to avoid or create better alternatives to improve people’s quality of life.

Especially during the cold war years, many people bought containers for personal use. Not only for normal things, such as garages, which is common until today, but also to put inside bunkers they were constructing to prevent from a nuclear menace. That proves it’s a safe facility. We gathered some pros and tips if you’re thinking about getting one.


One of the most important pros of getting a shipping container is its portability. You can lock them to the back of your car and take it anywhere you want. Lots of people are using them as fishing or hunting cabins that you can take with you to the location of your choice. They can also be set in a fixed location, but being able to take it somewhere else is also a pro to the list.


A lot of construction companies are offering the opportunity of prefabricating your ideal house using containers. You will spend less because they will use fewer materials, workers and they will do the service at least in half the time it would take to construct a masonry house.  It actually will take you more time to decide the design and whole project of your new home than it will take to fabricate it. The installations are getting quicker day by day. Some of them are ready, with the keys in your hand, in less than 48hrs.


Shipping containers are customizable. That is the reason why they are being used to build not only family homes but also several other types of facilities. In cities peripheries or outskirts, it is common to see schools and medical clinics with emergency rooms build with the material. But also various other types of stores, such as coffee shops, bars, and even malls. It is an opportunity not only for investors to obtain more gains but also for common people to spend less. It is also good for business owners who need special conditions for the items they will store. The moving companies are adapting the units to your necessities.


These constructions give a sense of minimalism and modernity that designers seem to be seeking nowadays. These are companies that normally work also selling or renting storage units. So, to expand their businesses was a natural movement in the market. They work in partnership with specialized designers that can give to your home or store the vibe you desire.


Most of the moving companies that are now selling, or shipping containers also work with moving and transportation. So you won’t need to contact a lot of people to get everything done. Some of the local enterprises are also providing packers who are acting according to the government measures due to the pandemics that will securely take your belongings to these new locations, being it a store or a family house. Look for the best Canadian movers to get to know their services better.

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